3 Mistakes to Avoid to Make Better video


Avoid These Three Mistakes and You Will Make Better Videos!

A quick lesson in what NOT to do.

Today I am going to talk about 3 things you can avoid to make great video AND what to do instead!


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You took all the time to Ideate and Plan, Film and Edit your video. Upload it to different
platforms all for people to click away 10 seconds in. This could be one of the most
disheartening aspects of creating video content if I am keeping it real with you.

But, good ole Dan is here for you with years of experience to help you learn some easy
ways to keep your viewers around once they click on your video.

Tip #1

Your Video Intro is Too Long

The first thing that many people make the mistake of and it’s super easy to fix is…
Your intro is “TOO LONG”. You ever notice how long some people talk about what it is that they are getting ready to
talk about? It is normal and human to make this mistake, so I am arming you with the knowledge so you can avoid it in the future.

Feel free to take a look at the intro for my video at the top of this article. It is short and punchy and to the point. Remember your audience journey.

They SEARCHED, SAW, READ, TRUSTED, CLICKED and hopefully YOU delivered. If someone is looking for something, once they find you in their search you have to tell them whats up and get right into it. Don’t put your audience to sleep. 😴

Tip #2

The Pacing of Your Video is Too Sloooowwww….

The next mistake that many video creator make is that “The Pacing is Too Slow”.
Now we don’t ahve to edit our videos like the movie “Mad Max” with a cut every 0.75 seconds BUT we do need to respect our viewers and keep the video moving at a nice enjoyable pace.

If your video is a talking head video – like the video at the top of this article, you have to “Keep it Interesting” for your viewers. An easy way to do that is by switching it up as you go. Keep it moving through changes in topics, your view of of the speaker, transitions AND throwing some things on
the screen to drive home your points.

I made another video on how to “Write a Great Video Script” that you should totally go watch after you are done reading this blog post.

Tip #3

Not Providing REAL Value to Your Viewers

The third and final mistake is forgetting to give real value to your viewers. So many videos are just people talking and sharing their opinion with no real value given. There is a reason that the most impactful videos on the internet generally fall into one of three categories.

  • Education (Kind of like the video up above this article)
  • Entertainment (hopefully my video is mildly entertainng)
  • Inspiration (I hope you are inspired to make better videos)

And sometimes if you get lucky, you can offer all 3 in one video.


Remember to take the time to think about all these things BEFORE you ever hit that record button and you will have way better audience retention!


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