5 Easy Ways to Instantly Make Better Video


5 Easy Ways to Instantly Make Better Video


If you took the leap and got started with video in your business the next step is to look ahead at how to improve.

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No. 1 – Have a Plan


I know it sounds simple but it is so often overlooked AND it’s one of the main reasons why video content creators get frustrated and struggle to find consistency in their video content delivery. 

I believe in this so much that in my 1 Minute Media private membership community, the first module in my video course for entrepreneurs is literally called “Plan Ahead”. Some of the things included in this process could be:

  • Do research on the topic that you are going to make a video about
  • Write a script for your video 
  • Make sure your batteries are charged and your surroundings are prepped to help you capture the best video possible 
  • Have a folder structure ready to put all your clips in after you film to make it easier for yourself to complete the project 
  • Oh yeah, SHOOT FOR THE EDIT. Do anything you can during filming to make the job of editing your video easier for yourself later.



No. 2 – Pay Attention to your framing


A simple example is that your camera should be at eye level and if you are too low in your frame it feels like you are drowning. If you are too high in your frame it cuts off part of your head and that is super distracting. 

Neither drowning nor getting your head cut off is a good thing, so avoid those at all costs.

Bonus Tip: I shoot in 4K so I can punch into my shot and place myself wherever I want. SO if I wanted to show you a picture of a gorgeous little puppy I could frame myself appropriately and bring the little cutie patooty onto the screen for your viewing pleasure.





No. 3 – Eliminate Distractions


So many times just adjusting our camera or moving things around the room can help so much in eliminating distractions. Make sure that the viewer doesn’t have any reason to pay attention to, well… anything but you or the topic at hand. 

Something as simple as making sure items that don’t belong are placed outside of the frame can be super helpful. 



No. 4 – Use B-Roll 


B-Roll is simply a secondary shot that is shown over top of your main shot. If I were to only talk about beautiful flowers and sunsets or maybe the beach and a nice refreshing breeze that would work oka but if I added B-Roll the video takes on a life of its own. Now I could show you about a beautiful flower and a gorgeous sunrise and tell you my thoughts on sandy beaches and what it feels like to experience a refreshing breeze.

Kinda powerful, isn’t it?



No. 5 – Get to the point and deliver on your promise. 


Your viewers “Searched”, “Read”, “Saw”, “Clicked” and “Listened” and it is your job now to deliver the result they were expecting during that journey.

Don’t waste anyone’s time when they watch your video. In the video version of this article, I had a quick intro and dove right into what I hoped we would accomplish. And then quickly shared 5 easy ways how to instantly make your next video better. No 5-minute intros here! I get straight to the point.




If you like content like this on how to make better videos then check out my video “3 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Videos” or visit my YouTube channel and find one that answers a question you have right now.



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