The Truth About Making Video Content


8 Myths about creating great video content for your business.

And the truth behind them.

Today I am going to list the 8 Myths about video content creation and their corresponding truths as well. This one is going to be really straight forward. I have seen these myths hold back Entrepreneurs from making great video content for years, which is why I am so passionate about breaking these myths.

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Now I have helped literally hundreds of entrepreneurs learn how to look and sound good on camera through my company “1 Minute Media” and I have heard people say many times in many different ways “I suck at video”. This can manifest itself in a multitude of phrases.

  • “I am terrible on camera.”
  • “I don’t know what to talk about.”
  • “I am stiff and not natural in videos.”
  • “I am camera shy and don’t want to see myself on video.”

Listen I get it, I still struggle sometimes with creating great video content.

“Truth behind the myth”
If we are honest with ourselves then we know you aren’t good at ANYTHING at first. You have to practice and study and go through a learning curve. Get in those reps and you will get better and better over time. Be kind to yourself and give yourself a little grace.


This one can be a really tough one to overcome,
BUT I have seen dozens and dozens of entrepreneurs fight through this myth and get to the

“Truth behind the myth”

Which is… Your Audience Cares! Whether it’s 1 person or 1M your audience deserves awesome content from you and your brand. Remember that behind the glass and plastic the metal and electronics of your camera is an audience! Speak to them like you would speak to someone in real life and share your vulnerability which always leads to relatability.


This Myth is actually backed by science and that fact has helped me help many video content creators understand that it is truly a myth. Many folks don’t mind speaking to a small group or delivering a presentation to a zoom call BUT as soon as they hear their own voice recorded and played back, they say they HATE it.

Think about it – your FACE on the screen isn’t really that much different than seeing yourself in the mirror every day. But it isn’t every day that you actually hear your own voice outside of your own head. Studies do show though, that after you have heard yourself recorded at least

“Truth behind the myth”
You don’t actually hate your own voice, you hate that it sounds “different” than what you are used to and the good news there is the more you hear it recorded the more normal it will become. Also, your audience WON’T hate your voice like you might. We’re our own worst critics, that will never change. But remember that your voice might be the voice that help thousands or even millions of people


People often think, I got the gear – Lights, microphone, camera.. my space is all set up and looking good. But what do I even talk about now? It is completely understandable why the myth of “Having Nothing To Talk About” exists. Once there is a camera in front of us and we hit the “Record” button, real life kind of changes a little bit. Everything starts to seem like it has to be perfect and we only got 1 shot at making this perfect. These are just a whole bunch of myths wrapped up into the big one.

“Truth behind the myth”
You have lived an entire life so far and you have PLENTY to talk about. Plus, a company like mine “1 Minute Media” – offers support and strategy to our members. There is no shortage of help and with that help you’ll be creating great videos in no time.


I gotta say this one gets me a little worked up when I hear it because I have met tens of thousands of people in my life and I have YET to meet another human who wasn’t creative in some regard. I have heard CEOs of fortune 500 companies tell me that they aren’t creative at all. I just shake my head and remind people that creativity comes in an infinite amount of forms.

“Truth behind the myth”
Your full creative potential may be untapped, but your ability to begin creating is actually your superpower! I guarantee that once you get comfortable making video content, you will find 100+ ways to be creative within the medium.



People tell themselves they feel out of place on camera and can feel uncomfortable when they hit record. Although I don’t discount these feelings and sometimes still have them myself, I don’t let them rule my actions.

“Truth behind the myth”
I have helped 100’s of entrepreneurs make great videos and we ALL have some level of camera shyness along the way. Get in those reps, become more and more comfortable all the time and see where sharing your story through video can take you.



People will judge my content harshly and tear my videos apart online and on social media. Now granted the internet is not the nicest place on earth, but in business you need a thick skin to share your story and help those who need your goods and services. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart and I bet you have tackled some tough stuff in your past, so don’t let the trolls scare you.

“Truth behind the myth”
There aren’t as many trolls as you may think and there will ALWAYS be haters online or elsewhere.
In the wise words of RuPaul:

“Mama Said: Unless they gonna pay your bills, pay them bitches no mind”.



C’mon y’all if there is one thing I know about entrepreneurs and business people it’s that they are constantly acquiring new skills and advancing in their knowledge and the smart ones hire professionals whenever they need to save time or invest their money.

“Truth behind the myth”
The reason I built the 1 Minute Media community is because I know entrepreneurs can do anything! Especially if they are given the framework, tools and guidance needed to expedite the process.


These are called “Myths” for a reason. Any good myth is perpetuated over time and often held as truth without any research or testing. We all know living life according to what other people think… isn’t living life at all. Remember that you can share your story through video and THAT is a powerful thing. Study the “Truth” behind the myth and who knows, the truth just might set you free.

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