RESULT – You Are an Eager Beginner!

The whole world is in front of you and you know that video content can bring growth to your business. You are so ready to learn how to create great videos.

Ok, first things first…
I just want to quickly point out how awesome “Eager Beginners” are.
Some folks might feel bad because they “don’t know much” about video.
This is actually a Super Power!

One of the best things about being an eager beginner is that you are a blank slate! You don’t have pre-conceived notions about the video creation process or bad habits already in place and many times eager beginners make the BEST students!!

Eager beginners very often get powerful and transformational results in a short amount of time when they work with me.

Keep reading for links to some awesome resources for eager beginners and some quick wins just for you:

1. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly…

Now take just a second to think of how awesome you are and what you have to share with the world.

Much of the power of video content comes not from the video itself, but from the incredible individual who is on that video… That’s You!

2. Take Comfort in the fact that we ALL have a beginning.

The biggest, most successful, and most inspirational entrepreneurs and video creators all started somewhere. Now you have a great place to start from as well, oh yah… and I am going to give you some customized tools to help you start that journey!

3. Give yourself a break!

You’re here, you showed up and that is a HUGE part of the battle. You don’t have to know how to shoot the most incredible videos ever to get started, you just have to take the first steps in doing so… Oh Wait! You already have, just by taking this quiz and reading this far.

👋🏻 Hi, I’m Dan Bennett

I’m a video professional and a Founder who’s helped 100’s of Entrepreneurs just like you, learn how to look and sound great on camera.

I have also worked with fortune 500 companies that span multiple industries. They range from Bud Light and Harley Davidson, to Pantene and even Nerf!

I can give you the custom tools you need to grow your business with video content creation and your revenue as a result.

There’s nothing I love more than 🙌🏻 my clients when they crush their big goals!

Ready For That High Five?!

Here are some quick wins to help you during your video content journey!

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