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The 5 Video Content Creator Types



There are 5 video content creator types. Read on to find out WHAT they are and WHICH one you might be. 

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Before we start, you should know that no matter where you fall on this list of video content creator types, there are superpowers that come with each one as well as setbacks, so please don’t think that one video content creator type is better than another.


The Eager Beginner


Eager beginners are awesome! They have the whole world in front of them and they know that video content can bring growth to their businesses. They are so ready to learn how to create great videos – and because of that – they generally  make excellent students. 

One of the best things about eager beginners is that they are a blank slate. They generally don’t have preconceived notions about the video creation processes or bad habits already in place. Oftentimes, eager beginners can achieve the biggest transformations in the least amount of time.



The Video Dabbler


The second Content Creator Type is The video Dabbler.

I’ve had a couple of people tell me that the word Dabbler could be misconstrued as negative but I highly disagree. Video dabblers are great! They have played with video, they’ve posted videos online,  and now they are ready for more.

One of the awesome things about being a video dabbler is that they have already overcome one of the biggest obstacles that video content creators face: becoming comfortable on camera! They’ve already put themselves out there and now it’s time to leverage that bravery. Video Dabblers are not afraid to try things. When you aren’t afraid to try things, you can get ahead of your competition and achieve fast transformation!



The Intermediate Video Content Creator


The third creator type is the intermediate video content creator. This creator type has generally made a fair amount of video content and they know the power of publishing that content. They may even have made enough content to see trends in what their audience prefers and what their audience may want next. I just want to quickly point out how awesome being intermediate really is. Some folks may feel bad because they are just experimenting or don’t know how to make professional videos but this is actually a superpower. 

Intermediate video content creators are some of my most successful clients and often get powerful results in a short amount of time when they do work with me because they have already begun the video content creation journey. They are also in a great spot to start to leverage video content to grow revenue in their business as a direct result of their content marketing efforts.


The Video Pro 


The fourth video content creator type is the Video Pro and generally, they are ready for more. They are looking to grow – they are looking for new equipment – they are looking for new ways to create revenue with the video content and they are often looking for guidance as they grow their business through content marketing. 

However, Video Pro does not mean that they are professional videographers. It simply means that they are proficient in creating solid video content that looks and sounds great. Another awesome part about being proficient is that most of the time-consuming obstacles that you can face when starting to create video content are already behind you. You’ve already figured out gear, studio space, software, distribution, and content management. 

Video Pros make great clients because they know where they want to go and they know that working with a professional like myself is how they can get there fast!



The Video Veteran


Our fifth and final video content creator type is the Video Veteran who is looking for more. Most Video Veterans have been making videos comfortably for a long time and now they want to take your video strategy to the next level!

Video Veterans have most of the learning curve is behind them and that opens up some incredible doors for them and their businesses. Some of the amazing things at their disposal include but are not limited to: Launching a YouTube channel, starting a membership community, launching or converting to a video-based podcast, creating a video module course, producing powerful video sequences and playlists, and the list goes on and on. 

Video Veterans are often some of the best clients because they are able to see returns on their investment in a relatively short amount of time. Being able to leverage their current video skill set to cause radical growth in their business and incredible content creation for their current and future audience is a powerful thing.



It’s so exciting talking about this because no matter where someone is on their video content creator journey, they can leverage that information and cause radical transformation in the business!



I have built tools and communities for each one of the Video Content Creator Types and my professional career is dedicated to helping YOU no matter where you are on your journey. If you are interested in finding out YOUR video content creator type – go to [Quiz.Video](http://Quiz.Video) and take my free 5-minute quiz to get the Exact Next Steps you need to look and sound your best on camera AND grow your audience as a result!



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