How to Make a 60 Second Introduction Video


4 Rules to Creating a 60 Second Introduction or About Me Video

Hey there, today I am talking about how to make a 60 second “Introduction Video” that really packs a punch. Let’s Go!

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Start from the beginning!

 Let’s start from the very beginning! The best place to start is often, well… at the beginning, right?! So I will use myself as an example that you can model after. 

And here is my beginning:

Hey there, my name is Dan Bennett. I am the founder of 1 Minute Media, a company dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and startups learn how to look and sound great on camera!


Where are you coming from?

The next step is to let them know where you’re coming from! Maybe give the viewer a little origin story or back story? Where did you come from and what lead you to this moment? Don’t hold back, share what has driven you to want to help others with your product or service. 

Here is mine:

I used to help large corporations with “Story Development” and I was often left unsatisfied because once I was back home, small businesses didn’t have access to me like big businesses did, for many reasons. So I decided to do something about it and narrow the gap between the big dogs with the big budgets and the entrepreneurs with smaller budgets but AWESOME ideas, products, and services.




Explain your WHY:

 In your third step, you should tell the people why you are here and why THEY are here for that matter. Take a moment to explain your intentions and use this opportunity to set expectations. Leading with conflict or contrast is such a powerful way to capture attention and again set expectations. 

Here is mine:

And THAT has lead me here, right here in this moment, with you. I built and launched 1 minute media the community to bridge that earlier mentioned gap and provide the resources and expertise needed to help people like you begin to tell their stories effectively and grow their revenue as a result. I hope that sharing this information and these resources with you might impact the way you think about video content and storytelling AND bring some comfort to you in knowing that you are not alone and their are people out there who are.



Taking ACTION!

Your final step in telling a great story should be you telling your audience what you would like them to take action on. What do you want your audience to do? 

Here is mine:

So, if you have been thinking about your own video content journey and maybe you feel stuck, scared or simply don’t know where to begin – I built a special tool just for you. I want to invite you to take my “Video Content Creator Type Quiz” This simple 5 minute quiz will identify your video content creator type and give you exact next steps on how to begin looking and sounding great on camera. Once completed you will receive curated and valuable content as well as be introduced to my community that was made just for you and the stage you are at on your video journey.

And there it is! Just 4 steps!



Let’s Recap!

 We told the audience where we came from, why we are here, and what drives us. We set their expectations and told them where we are going and why they should join us.

Oh, I almost forgot Rule #5… 

There are no rules

You see that timer up there, it’s past 60 seconds and you know what. I don’t care AND it’s ok. Stories were never meant to be contained inside of time anyway!

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