How To Make a Great Behind the Scenes Video!


6 Components of a Great Behind the Scenes Video!


There are many components needed to make a great BTS video. We broke it down into 6 parts that are absolutely necessary for a great production!

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Provide understanding. Your audience is going to need to have a clear understanding of who you are and what you do. By having this information in your BTSV, your audience gets a deeper understanding of the work involved in your company.




Get your audience curious! “Curiosity is the driving force behind everything we know” and as humans, we REALLY love to learn. Don’t give it all away in the first few minutes of your BTSV, you want to keep your audience curious and interested until the end of the video.




Show off your brand personality! Your audience wants to know the “story behind the story”. This information gives them an insight into your company and who are the people behind it. Let your tone in the video be uniquely you. No need to be someone you’re not… so let your brand (and yourself) shine. 




Believe it or not, customers like to buy from and connect with actual PEOPLE, not Brands! Showing Behind the Scenes can help you introduce your company and its people. This is a great way to do a ‘meet the team’ type moment. 





A Behind the Scene video can help showcase the inspiration behind your product. This can, in turn, add value to your product! You can also showcase how much time and effort is put into the product thus increasing its value.




Putting a BTSV together can be a ton of fun for the viewer but also for you, the creator. Remember the above step about Brand Personality? If you keep this and an element of fun at the forefront of the creation, your audience is going to get a clear picture of you and your business in a meaningful, down-to-earth way… and this is priceless. 



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