How To Make A Great Unboxing Video – And Why We Love Them


How To Make A Great Unboxing Video – And Why We Love Them


There’s no denying that we love unboxing videos. They connect with an audience’s natural curiosity while allowing them to experience the product vicariously. A win-win! To level up this type of video and make them as engaging as possible, check out these tips for making a great unboxing video.


WARNING: I will be covering the simple framework of a great unboxing video and not the nuances like lighting, different surfaces, or things like product arrangements. 


Don’t want to read? Watch the video below instead!


Have A Clean Space


The first and most important part (in my humble opinion) of a great unboxing video is – A Clean Space. I have always preached that eliminating distractions is one of the most important parts of a great video and unboxing videos is no different. Make sure before you hit record that you have a nice clean space to capture your unboxing in a way that viewers will love AND pay attention to.


Share Your Experience Thoroughly


The second thing to keep in mind when making an unboxing video – and this is a 2 parter – is that for the most part, the audience doesn’t care so much about YOU they care about what’s inside the box! So keep 2 things in mind here: 

  1. Speak clearly and descriptively as you go through the unboxing, no need to overdo it here 
  2. Make absolutely sure we can SEE whatever it is that you are unboxing. 

You’d be surprised at how many unboxing videos I have seen where the entire process is difficult to see. Remember that the actual unboxing is what we are here to see.



Use Additional Camera Angles


This brings me to my third main point, additional camera angles. There are 2 main ways that I see folks capture these additional angles: 

  1. B-Roll: B-Roll is a series of shots that drive home what the presenter’s words are saying. Closeups of the item and also showing the unboxing in action. I love these shots but they are time-consuming to capture and edit. 
  2. Overhead: Here in my studio I have an arm with a smartphone holder. It holds my iPhone above my desk. It is pointing straight down and is giving an overhead perspective of the box and its contents that viewers really love. This is often called a Flat Lay



Keep The Unboxing The Main Focus


This isn’t a review video – I mean unless it is right? I want to see the unboxing and hear your thoughts on the contents. I want to share your experience of discovering what is inside. 

Keep your reactions real and talk through the unboxing in detail. What does it feel like, describe the packaging in detail, are there any smells? what can you see? are there any details that we can’t see on camera that are important to share and can be seen with the naked eye? 

Take us through the experience with you and save the review talk for your review video.




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