How To Make Video as an Entrepreneur


How To Make Video as an Entrepreneur!

Taking out the head trash and eliminating excuses that keep you from making great video content.

Today I am going to talk about 3 topics that keep us from making video content!


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One of the easiest thing to do in this world is to make excuses. For entrepreneurs it is no different, and for entrepreneurs creating video content, it is one of the biggest hurdles between you and consistency.

Much of the content inside of the 1 Minute Media Community is built to help you eliminate distractions and crush your excuses. Creating video content is simple… Not easy by any means, but it is simple.

I call all of these excuses… Gremlins, and we have to kill the gremlins that whisper in our ears and keep us from reaching our audience through creating awesome video content.



There are a million reasons not to share your expertise and knowledge with your audience.

  1. Camera Shyness
  2. Hating Your Own Voice
  3. Worrying About Internet Trolls
  4. Feeling Inauthentic
  5. Wondering if Anyone Will Even Care or Watch Your Videos

These are all gremlins that we have to kill every time we want to make great videos and make sure to share our knowledge and expertise with the world. You can’t flip a switch and just not care about the gremlins anymore BUT – you can get really good at not only killing them, but also at hunting them down before they even show up!


Remember that as an entrepreneur you have an entire toolbox of life and business experience to draw from. Many times when I work directly with entrepreneurs we end up getting to a point where they wonder what they should talk about in their videos. There is no single right answer here, but I can give you a tool that will help you quickly get started. 

I often use a tool called the story spine to help my clients kick start their storytelling efforts. You can download your own “Story Spine Guidebook” and get started right away. 

The basic formatting of the story spine – often attributed to Disney and Pixar – goes something like this.



Video content creation is mostly about mindset and is not so much about the things that most of us actually worry about. You have an audience and they need to hear your message. Remember that the Glass and Metal and Electronics and Plastic that make up the camera in front of you, actually represents an audience that is ready to hear your message!


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