How To Tell a Great Story – The Story Spine


Story Spine Breakdown

Today I am going to break down one of my absolute favorite story development tools – The Story Spine!ㅤ

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The Story Spine has been popularized by Disney & Pixar for years and there is a reason why they keep using it: because it WORKS!

I’m going to take you step by step through the Spine. Let’s use a real life story to “fill in the blanks” by using the story of Sara Blakely and her company, SPANX!




Once Upon a Time

Sara Blakely considered herself a frustrated consumer who needed a solution to looking good while wearing white pants. Every day she tried to find that solution, and every day she was left frustrated.

And Every Day

Every day she was searching for any kind of garment that would help with her particular problem.

Until One Day

One day, she cut the feet out of her pantyhose to make her butt look better in those white pants.

Because of That

Because of that ONE change,  she TRANSFORMED from a very frustrated consumer to a fearless entrepreneur. With the $5,000 she saved from selling Fax machines door to door, she launched her business.

And Because of This

Because of this, she was able to write her own patent and with her lucky red backpack she showed off her spanx under her pants.

Until Finally

Finally, she spoke with a buyer who immediately said “I will buy 3,000 pairs”!

And Ever Since Then

 Ever since then Spanx has changed the lives of women all over the world and continues to Invent, Inspire and Give Back. With a slogan that states: We Dream Big and We Care A Lot


How can YOU use the Story Spine in your business?

So as you can see, the entire story of the Spanx company launch can be neatly fit into the story spine. Now the really cool part, you can use the story spine to outline ANY KIND OF STORY. 

That’s right, any kind

The Hero that goes through your story spine can be anything or anyone. It can be YOU or it could be your PRODUCT or SERVICE. It could be a new launch or a big upcoming event. My favorite thing to plug into the story spine is an “About Me” story for your about me video. Let me quickly demonstrate:

  • Once upon a time I lost everything due to a country wide shutdown of non essential businesses.
  • And every day after closing my business and filing bankruptcy I thought to myself how can I start over and do it MY WAY this time.
  • Until one day my partner Jax rented me a tiny pop-up trailer so I could get away and reflect.
  • Because of that, I spent some time in the Michigan wilderness with just a book, a whiteboard and a TON of self reflection. And Because of That, in late 2020, I began my resurgence into entrepreneurship with a renewed focus and vigor AND with very clear goals in my sights.
  • Until one day I reflected on 2021 – My best year ever in business and marveled at its juxtaposition to 2020, which like many others, was my worst year ever.
  • And Ever Since Then I have been dedicated to helping 10,000 Entrepreneurs Learn to Look and Sound Great on Camera!


Man, the story spine really is powerful!


As you can see, the Story Spine method is really powerful! By following this template, you can easily turn your story into a compelling video that can be shared with others! 

If you want to see more videos on how to tell better stories, click on this video right up here to stick around and learn some more. Thank you so much for spending some time with me to learn about The Story Spine story development tool! This is Dan Bennett THE Antipreneur and I will see you on the other side!

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