How To Write a Good Video Script


How To Write a Great YouTube Video Script

The first thing I want to share is that my template is available for FREE as a PDF Download, and you can download it right now!

Now if you’re still with me, I’m going to break down each section of my template and tell you in my opinion, why I think it works. Now remember, this is just based on my personal experience. And the results may be a little bit different for you. But either way, my free template is a great place to start and then you can tweak it and make it your own. Okay, so let’s start at the top.


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1: Start With The End in Mind


The Title: The first thing on our template is actually the title of our document. Since I have to title the document anyway, I usually just use the working title of the YouTube video that I’m writing a script for. That way, it’s easy to organize and file my script. And I can look at the top at any time to make sure I’m staying on track with a topic of the video that I’m writing for. Sometimes it changes over time, and I get better ideas while I’m writing. It’s flexible. And that is a beautiful thing.


2: Keep Them Around By Fulfilling Your Promise


The Hook: Next is what many YouTubers call the hook, which is why I chose the fishing emoji to represent this section. I do feel the “hook” is a bit of a cliché and if you dive just slightly deeper, I think it’s more of just stating what’s coming up and why folks should stay with you for the rest of the video.

I like to call it the 🍯**“Honey”**🐝 based on a quote from Benjamin Franklin 1744 publication entitled Poor Richard’s Almanac, which says:

“A spoonful of honey will catch more flies than a gallon of vinegar.”

Plus, Honey is sticky and we want viewers to stick around right?
(Apologies, Bad Dad Joke)

3: Remind Them What They Came For


Bullet Number One: Get right into the reason you made the video and what it’s all about. Remember, people searched, saw a thumbnail saw a title, click the video and heard your hook all to get here. They believed in you and they believe that they would receive the content that you promised during the journey from search to watch. You might sometimes feel like you’re being a little bit simple or basic, or maybe even that you’re going too fast and you’re worried that your viewers are going to miss your points. When you follow a template like this, you just have to trust that not only is your audience smart, they can also pause rewatch and move around your video as well keep it brief and to the point.


4: Make Sure To Change It Up


Bullet Number Two: Say your video is a breakdown of multiple points of a single topic like “4 ways to be more organized”. Insert point number two here. If your video is all about one subject, remember to switch it up here and talk about a new aspect of the topic. This is a place to make sure viewers aren’t bored and they’re still paying attention. Maybe this space could be time for a question or prompt or maybe even a place to put something on the screen to really drive home your point a little further.
(Like This Circle Animation →

Any way you slice it, make sure that you’re switching things up a little bit.


5: Keep Them Around


The Second Hook: I often use a “Second Hook” to keep viewers around and remind them that it’s worth watching to the end of the video. I break the flow and maybe set up a juicy payoff later or interrupt the show with a fun little pattern interrupt.

My typical second hook generally sets up my weekly giveaway and it sounds like this.

6: Deliver The Goods


Bullet Number Three: So point number three of your list or the third part of your topic information set would go here. You could switch up the pacing or the look of your video to keep interest maybe use some B roll or some animations on the screen?

This is also a great place to reveal the meat of your video so your viewers really get the value and the answer that they came for.

“Give The People What They Came For” – Dan Bennett


7: Wrap It Up With Style


My bonus time section is always literal because on the channel we give away something awesome for every single video we release.

Bonus time is really just all about wrapping up the episode, driving home your final points and doing it all with gusto!

Remember how I said that you could make this template all your own? Just remember that my FREE Video Template is simply a starting place, so use it and go from there. If you have an eight point listicle video, use eight bullet points and remember to switch it up, break things up, keep things fun, and make changes along the way.


8: Thank Your Audience and Give Them More


CTA:  And now the final section which is your “Call To Action”

Thank your audience for watching. Tell them where to find you online and what’s available in the description below your video or in your social media post. Most of all share all the ways that they can interact with you on YouTube and social media. If you are creating a YouTube video, this is also a perfect place to utilize end cards to direct your viewers to more of your videos and keep them on the platform longer which YouTube loves and will reward you for.

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