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#Antipreneur Podcast

We cover everything from my personal journey to highlighting the awesome stories of our guests.

Business Consulting

Implementing our “Creative Discovery Process” to bring clarity to your creative and business communication.

Content Development

After we find clarity in your messaging, we then tell your story digitally to a highly targeted audience.

1 Minute Media

Learn to harness the power of video, create your own video content, and join our amazing community.

Creative Education

Learn to do what you’ve always wanted. From Podcasting, to Video Production to Social Media. I will help!


(Virtual) Public Speaking

Dan provides powerful and dynamic talks on “The Power of Video”, “Digital Media”, “Storytelling” and more.

Dan Bennett – Podcaster, Storyteller, YouTuber, Consultant, and Creator of “1 Minute Media”


The #Antipreneur Show Podcast brings audiences a NO BS viewpoint on creative entrepreneurship and growth.

Dispelling all the Silver Bullets and Magic Pills of the “GURU” World. Are you an #Antipreneur? Let’s find out.


Our refined  “Creative Discovery” process is the key to helping our clients grow their creative content and businesses.

Our “Authentic Story Development” approach gets to the core of your story and sets the precedence for the rest of the storytelling process.


Dan shares his expertise and experiences through video content and thought provoking stories on topics such as
“The Power of Story”
“How to Leverage Video”


We have a deep passion for developing our clients’ stories and our own. This passion spills over to the podcast mic and throughout our video and digital media development. Are you ready to harness the power of story to create and accelerate creative and business growth for yourself?

Testimonials & Featured Clients

"Dan looks inside of the people he is working with and helps to ignite the spark that is already there through his mechanisms of storytelling."

Ashley Peacock, FOUNDER @ Soul Foundry

"Dan took what I was accomplishing in real life and brought it to the digital landscape, opening up so many possibilities for my brand."

Jacquelynn Quinn, CHEF @ The Chef Jax

People don't buy your products, they buy your story and I was sold on Dan's story from the beginning. So it was a no brainer when I brought him on board to help me tell mine.

Ryan Foland, @ Influence Tree

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