Why Cirle.so Is the Best Community Building Platform on the Web


Why Circle.so is my pick when it comes to building community online!

Now days you have some options when it comes to building a thriving community online, but I think one stands out above the rest.

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Why am I recommending Circle?

I am not someone who is super brand loyal or will back something just because it is trendy or popular. If anything as the Antipreneur, I am generally quite the opposite of that. So when I do share something with my audience that I feel is super useful AND is something I use in my own business, I do not take it lightly. I am only sharing information about Circle.so because I really do think that it is the best way for entrepreneurs to build community online. Here are some reasons why I feel good about sharing Circle.so with my audience.



You will be surrounded by other community builders AND circle staff who all want to see you WIN!
Circle is a robust community full of other community builders who are willing to Share, Help, Encourage, Support, and most of all Root for you! I honestly have never been a part of any community, online or otherwise, that has shown me so much support and guidance during my entrepreneurial journey. Circle is hands down the best place to build online community. As an added bonus I have build real friendships with other community builders and had some awesome doors opened for me just from being in the circle community that comes with your software purchase.



Circle.so was built specifically for community builders. They had us in mind when they launched their platform. 2 of the 3 founders of circle came from the “Course” software platform world and wanted to start a software company that filled in the compnent they thought was lacking in that world. Community!

All of the tools and resources we need to serve our audiences incredibly well are built right into the Circle.so platform. 

I was able to take my attempt at coursework and private membership and consolidate it down from:

  • Website: For Coursework and Video Modules
  • Facebook: For private community membership (That Sucked)
  • ConvertKit: For email correspondence with my members.
  • YouTube: For going live and publishing assets.

And the ability for real time correspondenc was non existant. Now I have everything I need in one convenient location AND that makes it way easier for my members to get the most out of the 1 Minute Media community as well.



The moment you enter the Circle community and introduce yourself you quickly gain the understanding that you are definitely not alone. It is absolutely impossible once in the community not to be greeted by other community members as well as circle staff and community leaders. I know it is quite meta, but you really do experience the full meaning of community while in the circle community building your community. laughing

Her is a list of just some of the things you have access to once inside the Circle community.

  • Live Community Events: This is where you can truly expedite your community building process.

  • Show and Tell Sessions: Watch as community members show their own communities and share why and how they built them.

  • Robust Video Library: Almost every event in the circle community is capture and archived into an incredible video library.


Circle Cares About My Success

I can definitely admit that this is aboslutely the first time that I feel like a softwar company actually has concern over my success and experience. With Circle.so I am not just another monthly payment like with most software companies. After 6+ months using the platform and being highly active in the community I can tell you, they really want you to win and be successful in your Design, Build, and Launch of your community.

I had help every single step of the way as I build 1 Minute Media and never lacked for information and direction anytime I had a question. The Circle community is truly dedicated to helping you achieve your community goals, no matter what type of community you are building.



Building Community Can Be Fun, Exciting, and Profitable When You Do It The Right Way!

Building a community around my online business is one of the smartest things I have ever done in my career. Building that community on Circle.so ranks right up there as well. If you ever have any questions about how to design, build or launch a community on circle, feel free to email me anytime. dan@imtheantipreneur.com



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